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Monday, January 21, 2013

Go Free or Go Home (Android)

        I have decided that when it comes to Android, it's an easy decision whether to go free or paid. Free is the only way to go. Paid isn't even an option. There are way too many free apps already and most of them are already tough competetitors. Nobody who uses Android wants to PAY for an app. Android users want apps for FREE. I understand why most Android users feel this way, looking at it from my consumer's perspective, myself. I would like to get myself a Google Nexus 7. My wife has a Galaxy Tab 2 (7") and I also have a (half-broken) Galaxy Tab 32gb (10.1"). My point is, as users of Android ourselves we have really noticed that free apps are the only apps we look for. Paid apps sounds ridiculous on Android. There are so many free websites with app stores that you can promote your free apps on. For a list of app sites/stores that you can distribute your free Android apps on, see my post. The Biggest List of Android Markets/Stores. Check it out. It's pertinent information if you are a self-employed app developer. In light of the "free apps movement", as I'm going to call it, I am making all of my apps free. I will post them with icons and screenshots in my next post. However, keep in mind, we are still working to make better icons and get better screenshots. In the meantime... just play free games! That's what it's all about right?! Free entertainment!

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